I came to Harmony Hills just under a year ago and my horse has never been happier and healthier. I hadn’t had much experience with boarding, only one other barn, as I used to live on-site with my big OTTB and care for him myself. A move back to Chicago meant I needed to find a place that would care for my hard-keeper just as fastidiously as had at home. My job requires I travel and I live an hour away now, so I needed some place that would care for him 110%.
At Harmony Hills, my boy looks better at 17 than he did at 11. The care for my horse, the kind and loving people, the communication to boarders, the feed program, the turn out program, the hay — all top notch. The barn is generally quiet, the people are supportive, and the facility is extremely clean and tidy. Not to mention the feeling of serenity that comes with Harmony Hill’s attention to detail like the beautiful landscaping we all enjoy. I hope to never leave this wonderful, wonderful barn!


I have not only been the trainer for the last eight years, but also a boarder with my personal horses. The Conlin’s always take top notch care of all my horses, treating all horses like their own and family. Harmony Hills insures a sense of safety, by hiring the right staff, attention to detail, providing great quality products through feed/hay/shavings, always keeping up with the maintenance of the farm, and a wonderful atmosphere.
The turnout is wonderful and daily. I can’t say enough good things about the place. Obviously, eight years and counting, we are still happy!


Harmony Hills has been the perfect place for my horse and me. The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The management is also very accommodating if I ever have any special requests. The facilities are excellent and they are well maintained. My horse receives first class care and daily turnout with a group of horses he loves. My horse and I could not be more pleased with Harmony Hills. I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a place to board a horse.


Harmony Hills. Submitted by Kimberly, Naperville Illinois
Harmony Hills is the third stable my daughter and I have spent time at over the past four years. My daughter, having three years of hunter/jumper lessons under her belt, opted to train at this dressage-disciplined stable in order to develop a stronger and more balanced seat. The trainer and owner have been very respectful and encouraging of my daughter’s lesson program – always making a cross-reference back to jumping so that my daughter can understand how to better incorporate her new skills into any riding discipline. Overall, my daughter and I feel like the intent of the lesson program is safety and stewardship – of both rider and horse. We have had the pleasure of leasing horses at all three stables. Our lease experience at Harmony Hills has surpassed all others. The owners, Pat and Barry, give equal attention and treatment to their boarders, leasers and to all of the horses. This is the closest one can come to enjoying and cultivating a relationship with a horse, before actually owning a horse.

Overall, Harmony Hills is stable that truly speaks to the novice through advanced rider. It is a place where a horse owner can securely create a home for his/her horse, and all can enjoy one another’s company in harmony.


You Will Love it As Much as we do. Submitted by Tracie & Chloe
My daughter and I first came to Harmony Hills when my daughter Chloe was 7 at the time and just wanted to take a lesson or two. Well that went from three to four to owning our own horse today. Harmony Hills is exactly what the name says HARMONY. The people and the workers are amazing.

The owners, Pat and Barry are such welcoming people and very accommodating. The barn is always clean and I never have to worry about my horse when I am away, she is always well taken care of. The staff is amazing, kind and courteous. Oh, and did I mention such nice boarders? This place truly is a happy place for everyone.

If you own a horse and want to come and take lessons, come see Harmony Hills. I think you will love it as much as we do!


The Best Home for my Horse. Submitted by Janine
Harmony Hills is simply the best home for my horse. A place where horses are treated like family. The facility is clean, well-appointed and thoughtfully designed. Each horse receives THE BEST care one could imagine. We couldn’t be happier!

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